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The Most Pet Friendly Car Rental Companies

Thinking about going on a road trip with your pet? You might think that it wouldn't be easy finding a car rental company that accommodates your pet friendly needs. There are actually plenty of great pet-friendly car rental options!

Find the car rental company that is right for you and your pet!

Some car rental companies are better suited for cat travel and others are better with dog-friendly car rental. Whether you're in Orlando, FL or Seattle, Washington, here are the 11 best pet-friendly car rental companies.

Who are the most pet-friendly car rental companies?

1.  Alamo Rent A Car

The first car rental company on our list is Alamo Rent A Car. Skip the counter visit and go straight to the car with your pet through the Alamo's skip-the-counter service (this service is not available at all locations.

You WILL need to keep your dog or cat in a carrier and make sure the vehicle is pet hair free.

If your dog is a service animal you don't need to keep them in a carrier. This policy can vary by location.

Reservations: 844-354-6962
Customer Service: 844-357-5138

2. Avis Car Rental

Drive as far as your hearts content with Avis Car Rental. With their attractive "unlimited miles" you can take your pet anywhere! Avis states that they are pet friendly but reach out to your pickup location to make sure that your dog or cat is good to go for the ride.

You won't have to crate your dog for the road but if you have hair or intense smells in the car when returned you could face a cleaning fee of up to $250.

Reservations: 800-633-3469
Customer Service: 800-352-7900

3. Budget Car Rental

One of the cheapest car rental companies on this list Budget Car Rental is a great option for pet lovers. Like the other car rental companies on this list, you'll want to make sure the car is void of any cat or dog hair upon return.

There is NO CRATE required for Budget Car Rental but you will be assessed a cleaning charge if there is any trace left by your favorite animal.

Budget Rent-A-Car is a US run car rental company and their pet policies actually differ at each location. Make sure to call ahead when booking your rental.

Reservations: 800-218-7992
Customer Service: 800-214-6094

Make sure your car rental company is dog friendly before you book!

4. Dollar Car Rental

Dollar Car Rental is another dog loving rental company that allows your dog to roam the cabin if you please. They are located in the US and Canada at over 800 locations. Carriers or crates are recommended due to the possible cleaning fees of up to $250.

Reservations: 855-954-3789
Customer Service: 800-800-5252

5. Enterprise Rent A Car

This worldwide car rental company offers cars of any kind at over 8,000 locations worldwide. For Enterprise Rent A Car you'll want to make sure you MUST crate your pet in order to ride in a vehicle. If there is any pet hair or damage you can be hit with cleaning fees of over $250.

Service animals for those with disabilities can ride in an Enterprise vehicle with no crate or carrier required.

Reservations: 855-266-9289
Customer Service: 855-266-9565

6. Hertz Rentals

Another international car rental company with strong roots in the US, Hertz Rentals was actually voted J.D. Power’s best car rental company in 2020.

Unlike many of the other car rental organizations on this list, Hertz actually provides you with protection grates to keep your dog in the backseat without a crate or carrier. This makes it one of the top dogs on our list of most pet friendly car rental companies. If you want the protection grates you will need to notify them 24 hours before arrival.

Like the other companies, Hertz will charge you a cleaning fee if there is pet hair and damage to the vehicle.

Reservations: 800-654-3131
Customer Service: 888-777-6095

Simply keeping your dog kenneled or placing a large blanket down can help avoid the cleaning fees.

7. National Car Rental

Another global rental company, National Car Rental offers a great variety of vehicles to get you where you need to go. Your dog or cat MUST stay in a crate or carrier at all times during the trip.

You will be hit with a cleaning/detailing fee if there are any leftovers from your favorite road trip buddy. If your pet is a service animal they do have the option to ride without a carrier or crate.

Reservations: 844-382-6875
Customer Service: 844-393-9989

8. Thrifty Car Rental

If you are looking for a straight answer to the pet policies question you might be out of luck with Thrifty Car Rental.

Each location has a different policy BUT most of the Thrifty car rental locations will allow your pet to ride in the vehicle as long as it remains in the carrier or crate. You will be responsible for damage and hair left by your pet so make sure to scope out the back before you return it to the drop off location.

Customer Service: 800-334-1705

9. SIXT Rent A Car

SIXT Rent A Car runs out of Munich, Germany and now have a location in almost every large city in the US. This global car rental company has plenty of options for you and your pet, they even have long term rentals. Your animal doesn't have to be crated or carried but you will want to return the vehicle in the same condition you got it in to avoid the cleaning and detailing fees.

Customer Service: 888-749-8227

Some dog-friendly car rental companies have no cleaning fee for pet hair.

10. Payless Car Rental

Payless Car Rental company is known for having the most rental vehicles in the US! Each one of their vehicles is pet friendly and has no additional fees to carrying your dog or cat. Just make sure to return the car free of odor and hair of face the $250 charge for cleaning and detailing.

Customer Service: 800-729-5377

11. Advantage Rent A car

One of the smallest car rental companies on this list, Advantage Rent A Car only runs out of specific cities in the US. such as Dallas, TX, Miami, FL, Atlanta GA, Nashville, TN, Charlotte NC, Las Vegas NV, Tampa FL, and Orlando, FL

You can bring your dog and cat on the trip but as always remember to crate or carry to avoid cleaning and detailing fees.

Reservations: 800-777-5500
Customer Service: 800-777-5500

Other Pet Friendly Rental Vehicles

U-Haul lets you bring your pup in their trucks and vans. Just make sure not to put them in the back.

Cruise America is another pet friendly car rental company that lets you take your pet anywhere. Avoid the $250 cleaning fee by making sure all of the hair is out of the car!

Fox Rent A Car lets you bring dogs in the car but will charge you for lingering pet hair or odors.

Check Pet Friendly RV Rental Companies to see which RV rental companies are right for your dog or cat!

Bandago Van Rental will let you bring your dog! You can even ask for them to pop out a row of seats for your pup.

Bring your pet in a carrier or crate with Getaround car sharing service!

Ace Rent a Car lets you bring your dog or cat but will hit you with a cleaning/detailing fee if there is any odor or hair remaining.

Silvercar only has Audis on the lot and requires you to only bring your pet if their carrier is airport proof.

Each car rental company has its perk, choose the one that's right for you.