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Your Vehicle Donation Helps Animals In Need of Rescue

You can help animal rescues by donating a car, truck, boat, RV, ATV, or motorcycle to Animal Car Donation, whether the vehicle runs or not. Your vehicle donation helps us support animal rescue programs. Read more about a few of our adoption stories below.

adopted animals


Tootie was recently found by a Good Samaritan after being hit by a car. Her pelvis was fractured and no one stepped up as her owner, so the only option was for the vet clinic to find a rescue for her or put her to sleep. After hearing no from several rescues, they came to Secondhand Hounds, who said yes. She got the surgery she needs and is recovering quickly!


Becky was one of our hospice pups. Secondhand Hounds takes terminally ill dogs and cats from shelters to give them a warm bed and loads of love for their final days, weeks, or months. We believe that each and every animal is valuable, and that every old dog and cat deserves a comfortable ending, surrounded by love. We have had over 100 animals in our hospice program. Our hospice fosters are absolute angels on earth.


Gibs came to us by way of his momma, a puppy mill bulldog who had never known love or kindness in her 4 years of life. After her breeding facility shut down, she came to us, worried and pregnant. Gibs and his 3 siblings were born a few weeks later. His sister passed away at only a couple weeks old from breathing issues that stemmed from her breed. Gibs was adopted by his foster family and guess what… they adopted his mom, too!? The two of them live in the lap of luxury now, spoiled and adored beyond belief!