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How To Help Stray Cats

Are you seeing a cat outside your residence frequently? They might be a roaming cat in need of a little help. While many outdoor cats in your community can take care of themselves, there are a few things you can do to help them out.

Stray cats can typically take care of themselves but a little human help goes a long way.

Here's all the ways you can help stray cats in the right way:

Make Stray Cats a place to stay

You don't have to let the cat stay at your place. Make a small hole in a box (something waterproof) and place it wherever you see the cat coming around. They may be able to take care of themselves but a little shelter goes a long way.

You can even put in a little insulation like newspapers or blankets, as long as they don't try to eat it! Here are some easy ways to make a DIY outdoor cat house.

give them proper food

You might attract more feral cats if you set out food. If you are ok with that risk and what the roaming kitty to come to your place, set out a bowl of dry food for them. If you set out a bowl of wet food, they may become disinterested and let the food rot. Click here to see the best cat foods for feral cats.

This could cause the stray cat to get sick. If you have any doubts, leave out the hard food. If you didn't already make a little shelter for them make sure the cat food that you put out is under some sort of shelter.

Give Stray Cats water

Don't put the water inside the shelter you have made for the stray cat. This could cause the shelter to become too wet and it could make the water dirty as well. This is an easy thing to do for feral cats in the area. Making it easier for them to find hydration will give them more time to focus on other survival things.

If you live in a place where the air temperature drops below 32 degrees, try buying a solar powered heated drinking bowl. This can keep the stray cats hydrated all winter long. See more heated drinking bowls here.

Get them spayed or neutered

One of the most important things you can do for a stray cat is a spay/neuter and release. Many agencies will come by and spay or neuter the cat and release it back into the wild. Euthanizing a feral cat in your community can cause the stray cat population to rise instead of fall.

Spaying or neutering stray cats is the only effective method of reducing feral cats in your community. This goes a long way to preventing animal abuse. Here are some more facts about animal abuse.

find out if they are actually homeless Stray Cats

Check the stray cat's neck to see if there is a collar with any identification. If there is no collar there could still be an owner for this outdoor cat. Check with the people that live around you to make sure that the cat isn't owned by any of them.

The last thing you can do to make sure the cat does not have an owner is to take them to the vet. While you're at the vet, have them check for any microchips. Sometimes owners put in a microchip to track their cat. It usually can only be detected by veterinarian instruments.

Turn that stray cat into a house pet

If you really want to take care of a new stray cat, find that feral cat a home. See if there are any responsible pet owners looking to own a rescue cat. There might be more people interested than you think!

You can always take the cat in yourself. Make sure you stock up on cat care information and take them to the veterinarian as soon as you can. There are many diseases that outdoor cats can acquire. Make sure the cat likes you and wants to be your friend as well, this can go a long way toward the cat's mental health. If the cat is still grumpy at you, give it time to come around and keep on feeding the cat and giving shelter.

Bitty Kitty Brigade kitty that was saved by your charitable giving.

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