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Blaze Credit Union Bestowed Animal Defender Award

Animal Car Donation gives Blaze Credit Union the quarterly Animal Defender Award for their outstanding support of the Bond Between.

Blaze Credit Union with the Quarterly Animal Defender Award!

MARCH 2024 – Animal Car Donation is pleased to announce they will be awarding the quarterly Animal Defender Award to Blaze Credit Union for their incredible contributions to the Bond Between. The Bond Between (fka Secondhand Hounds) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that focuses on the bond between humans and animals. Founded in 2009, the Bond Between has rescued over 29,000 dogs and cats. They provide safe shelter, proper veterinary care, adoption services, neonatal care, and daily necessities for rescue animals while re-establishing their trust in humans. Since 2017, the Bond Between also provides veterinarian care to indigenous communities through their tribal partnership program.

Blaze Credit Union’s recent donation of $10,000 to the Bond Between was accompanied by another $60,000 being donated to other charities across Minnesota. Their commitment to building local communities through donations is inspiring. On top of helping rescue pets, their recent donation also benefits cancer patients, struggling students, foster children, job reintegration programs, and food shelves.

“Blaze Credit Union is proud to partner with the Bond Between to support animals in need,

as well as the humans who love them,” said Lisa Lehman, Blaze Vice President of Marketing

and Bond Between board member. “Our mission at Blaze is to better people’s lives, and we

know that the incredible work of the Bond Between is helping to do that. We are so

humbled by this honor, and look forward to continuing our partnership with the Bond


Blaze Credit Union’s commitment to the rescue animal community shows kindness to those critters that do not have a voice of their own. In a world of increasing stray animals, Blaze shows the way of trailblazing funding to help make animal lives a priority.

The Bond Between builds bonds between humans, dogs, and cats through its pet adoption program, neonatal program, and hospice program. They then support those bonds through tribal partnerships, a food shelf program, foster care program, pet surrender program, legislation, and the BB vet clinic.

Animal Car Donation is a non-profit car donation organization that benefits the Bond Between and other animal rescue centers across the U.S. When you donate a car, the proceeds help to provide essential resources the rescue animals like nutritional food, proper veterinarian care, no-kill shelter, and adoption services. When you donate a car you receive free towing, knowledgeable car donation representative help, a tax deduction, and the knowledge that you help rescue animals get the resources they need to thrive. Benefit the Bond Between, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, Bitty Kitty Brigade, and Animal Haven with a vehicle donation to Animal Car Donation.

Blaze Credit Union is a Minnesota based credit union that got its start from Twin City Co-ops Credit Union. In 2008 TCCU became SPIRE Credit Union. As both credit unions continued to grow and thrive, they joined forces in 2024 to become Blaze Credit Union. Today, Blaze boasts 27 branch locations, over 250,000 members and is Minnesota's fourth-largest credit union. Blaze continues to make an effort in the community through their charitable giving and community involvement. Animal Car Donation is proud to present the Animal Defender Award to Blaze for their outstanding charitable giving to the Bond Between. Through the Bond Between, rescue animals have a place to receive proper veterinarian care, nutritional food, adoption services, a loving foster home, and so much more.

Car Donation Foundation d/b/a Animal Car Donation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) vehicle donation organization, benefiting animal charities. Animal Car Donation vehicle donors receive free towing and a tax-deductible receipt. Car Donation Foundation has donated over $140 million and counting.