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10 Best Ways To Help Animals

What Is The Best Way To Help Animals? There are many great ways to help animals in your community and around the world. Here are 10 ways you can start helping animals today:

Golden Retriever

1. Raise Money For Animals On Your Birthday

For your birthday this year, post a link to support your favorite local animal organization. This is an easy way to get your social media contacts to contribute small donations. These really add up and can make a big impact for local animals.

2. Spay And Neuter

Spay and neutering your pets is a responsible to prevent unwanted litters and puppies and kittens. Cats and dogs without homes can go hungry and have health problems. Starting with your pets, and working with your community to spay and neuter pets will greatly increase the well being of animals in your community.

3. Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

Animal Shelters often need all the resources they can get to keep rescued animals happy and healthy. One of the most important resources is volunteers! If you love being around animals, volunteering at a shelter can be an enriching experience. You will help local animals, and volunteering can help you in your life as well!

4. Adopt Animals From Shelters

When searching for a pet, start with animal shelters! Adopting pets is one of the best ways to help animals. Animal shelters fill up fast, and these are the animals who are really in need of a home.

5. Foster A Pet

Another way to help local animals and organizations is to foster a pet! The advantage of fostering is it can be done on a temporary or permanent basis. Taking a pet into your home, showing it love and feeding it properly will really benefit the animal. On top of that, it helps ease the limitations of local animal organizations as they search for permanent pet homes. If you fall in love with your foster pet, you can often take it in permanently.

6. Preserve The Environment In Which Animals Live

Wild animals need certain ecosystems to survive for them to thrive. Making environmentally conscious choices in your life can benefit animals in your area and around the world. Working with your community to protect and preserve nature can be huge for protecting animals.

7. Choose Products Not Tested On Animals

Part of helping animals is making conscious shopping decisions. Research brands, check labels, and think about the environment when you are shopping. Specifically, you can avoid purchasing products tested on animals.

8. Eat Less Meat

Participate in Meatless Monday! Eating less meat can help both animals and the vulnerable eco-systems they live in. Less demand for meat could lead to a greater biodiversity on the planet. 30 percent of Earth’s surface is used for meat production right now. Reducing the demand for meat could help animals and their environment greatly! Plus, it can be good for you and your diet too!

9. Support Legislation That Protects Animals

On a small scale, there is a lot you can do help animals. Government can help protect animals on a large scale. Supporting laws that work to preserve nature and protect animals can make a massive impact on animal welfare.

10. Donate Your Vehicle To Animal Car Donation

A concrete way to help animals is to contribute resources to animal rescues. That is exactly what we do at Animal Car Donation. We accept most unwanted vehicles, running or not. We pick up and tow it away for free. The proceeds from your donation support animal rescues! Plus, you get a tax deduction for your donation.

It’s that simple! Your old or unwanted car is a valuable resource for animals when you donate it to Animal Car Donation. More resources for animal shelters means more animals receive the love and care they need.

Donate your car today by filling out our online donation form.